Alternative Spring Break 2017

We went to Black Mountain, North Carolina to work with the Black Mountain Children’s Home. We painted, repaired sheds, cleaned out cabins, played with the children, built friendships.



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Alternative Spring Break Trip 2017   Black Mountain, NC

By: Kenya James, service chair


Black Mountain Children’s Home was founded in 1904 by a Presbyterian minister named Robert Perry Smith. The ministry now serves children from ages 6 weeks old up to college graduate. The children are placed in a cottage on their campus and live with a married couple and children. They set up the home up in a traditionally Christian family setting. The children’s home was started by receiving a donation of 13 pennies which was a donation from a little girl named Hazel Johnson. Now there are houses off of the campus to serve for emergency placement.

Mission Work

During the mission trip, we engaged in various work projects in different locations. Majority of the work we did in Black Mountain was on the West Campus. The children’s home have two campuses which are the west and east campus. I painted an old pool house with Olive and Chimdi to make it match the rest of the campus’ color theme. There was a group of us that tore corroded walls of a old shed and replaced the walls with new siding. Kati, who is the President of Toledo Campus Ministry, was also able to help even though she is in a wheel chair. She helped us paint banisters at the dining hall. She remarkably used her chair to pull a wood plank off of the old shed. Our work duties were fun to do as a group and it was inspiring to do God’s work with a group of people

Personal Testimony

As the service chair of Toledo Campus Ministry, I knew majority of the details of the trip because I planned it. I was surprised to know that there was a lot I didn’t know. Every day, I did a different task whether it was painting, demolition, or emptying out old paint cans. I enjoyed being with a group that had newcomers who never been to TCM before. I didn’t except the trip to go as smoothly as it did. My favorite part of the trip was engaging with the children at Black Mountain and spending late nights with the college students. When we first arrived I didn’t except the kids to open up to us because of the situations they may have been in. Luckily, they opened up the first day I played with them. There’s only one thing about the trip I would change and that would be to stay longer. I would want the trip to be longer because I still feel there’s so much more I can do. I will take what I learned from the mission trip and use it in my everyday life. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Purpose: We are called by God to “serve the least of these.” This is our opportunity to live out our Christian faith in service to others. We are to build relationships wherever we find ourselves. We are called to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and the imprisoned. (Matthew 25)

Getting Involved

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