1 Corinthians 12:12

12 Christ is just like the human body—a body is a unit and has many parts; and all the parts of the body are one body, even though there are many.
Common English Bible (CEB)

Leadership Team

Who they are and what they do..


President: Melanie Johnson

President: Keep the vision of our ministry in front of the members of Toledo Campus Ministry Fellowship and its officers.  Serve as a vehicle by which TCM Fellowship can be an advocate for Christian Unity across campus.  Represent the TCM Fellowship through his/her attendance at various committees on campus and in the community.  Help build the beloved community by developing trust and respect among the different student organizations and community churches.

  • Develop positive relations with TCM members and earn the community’s trust and support.
  • Assist others in understanding their role in ministry.
  • Be present at TCM Fellowship sponsored events.
  • Represent TCM Fellowship to other organizations and churches.
  • Encourage the development of multicultural and multi-abled community.
  • Help organize others for ministry.
  • Be clear about the needs of the group.

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Vice-President: Cheyenne Fitch

Vice President: Assist the President; preside for the President at meetings when the President is absent; assumes the duties of the President if the office becomes unoccupied. Encourage persons to grow and develop in their spiritual understanding.  Actively work to develop one’s spiritual growth.  Be aware of the spiritual needs and questions of the members of TCM Fellowship.  Work to address these needs.

  • Oversee and Provide leadership for Soul Food Programs.
  • Initiate and oversee Bible Study.
  • Provide opportunities for Worship.
  • Provide leadership for Retreats.


Secretary: Jacob Fries

Secretary: Serve as recording secretary and serves on the Student Executive Council.

  • Take and distribute minutes of the leadership team meeting,
  • Encourage persons’ understanding of our ministry.
  • Maintain website, Facebook page, text messaging system.
  • Provide flyers, posters and other means of advertising events.
  • Increase people’s participation in TCM Fellowship sponsored events.
  • Increase their knowledge of activities.



   Treasurer and Chair of Funds Development: Zack Lockmiller

Encourage students and board members to write letters, give presentations and develop programs that will expand the donor base and increase financial giving to the overall TCM program.

  • Encourage Student’s Letters to home churches.
  • Develop Information table with items for sale (baked goods or crafts).
  • Provide Minute for Missions in local churches.
  • Organize Savage Hall Cleaning.



Agape/ Social Chair: Emily Low

Agape/Social Chair: Develop ways for the Christian community to care for one another.  Provide ways for the Christian community to deepen their connections to one another.  Offer care and concern to students connected with TCM Fellowship or others who are in distress. Encourage the development of Christian community and bonding.  Build the body of Christ by providing ways for persons to meet one another and share common interests.  Be a welcoming presence to new comers to TCM Fellowship.  Create ways for the community to get to know one another and invite others to join the body.  Find ways to intersect with the University community and let our presence be seen.

  • Oversee Homecoming Events
  • Plan and Implement Welcome to campus parties
  • Coordinate Dinner and movie nights
  • Encourage development of diverse community.
  • Encourage persons to stay connected.
  • Help persons to grow in their spiritual care for one another.


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Service Chair: Alex Krabill

Service Chair: Encourage students to give of their time in Christian Service – to put their faith into action.  The person in this position serves to develop people’s understanding of God’s world and Christian Servant hood.  The work of Christian People led in Christian Service serves to usher in the very Realm of God.

  • Provide opportunities to the University Community to learn about issues of Justice and Peace (God’s realm).
  • Link University with community in service with community wide service opportunities.
  • Create activities that promote learning about and serving God’s people.
  • Oversee Alternative Spring Break.
  • Coordinate Service Projects.


Ark House Manager: 

The House Manager is a graduate student who has a position with a variety of responsibilities which include living on the premises and being a welcoming presence to students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Ark. She/he cares for the TCM physical property as well.