Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break 2018

Hurricane Relief
Houston, TX

Do you know what we did on our Spring Break?

Well, Toledo Campus Ministry sent 9 students and 7 community members from Toledo, Ohio to
Houston, Texas during spring break to work with the Fuller Center in hurricane relief. This area
was flooded by the Hurricane Harvey back in August, 2017. Seven months later homeowners are
still waiting to move back into their homes.

Our group slept in bunks in what looked like storage containers. Over the five day period our
team worked on three different homes all needing a variety of repairs. There was roofing with
heavy shingles carried up the ladders; securing dry walling and painting; electrical work; and
general cleanup.

A campus group from Penn State was there too and a magnificent group of skilled volunteer
laborers from Michigan helped train us with power tools. Wonderful relationships were formed
over the week.

We talked with the son of one of the homeowners who said he had given up on God until he saw
the dedication and commitment that we demonstrated by our spending our spring break working
for his parents. He said, “You renewed my faith in humanity and God! Thank you!”

My time in Texas was a wakeup call for me. There is so much brokenness and pain in the world.
It is amazing how much healing can be done when we come and work together and I loved
getting to know TCM better.

We’re convinced spending time in service to others is what makes for a wonderful spring break.
Thank you for all your support and prayers. I hope we can do it again next year!

Rev David Montgomery
Logan Hartmann
Cheyenne Fitch

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